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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Poking the Atrios Bear
Posted by Jill | 3:37 PM
Please join me in welcoming Atrios Alpha Dog purgee The Republic of T to the blogroll of this little Z-list blog. Another Atrios purgee, Orcinus, has been here for a long time.

UPDATE: I must have struck a nerve, as Le Grand Atrios has deigned to make an appearance in the comment and re-affirm B@B's status as a Z-list blog, and correct me: Orcinus is still on his blogroll. My information, which came from Republic of T, who in turn got it from Booman Tribune, is incorrect. Because we here at Brilliant Central strive to not be completely full of shit, I have duly corrected the above. And as I have now expressed the appropriate gratitude to Dr. Black for the correction, I am hoping that he ultimately decides that shooting me, Terrence, or Steven D., or any combination of the above, in the face, would be counterproductive.

Skippy, the ONE TRUE KING of Blogtopia (unlike all those pretenders to the throne), weighs in here.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Atrios, again wasting even MORE of his precious time at this little Z-list blog, insists that Republic of T was never on his blogroll. Because I have to hold down a full-time real job in order to help pay the mortgage and buy gluten-free cat food, I have little enough time for blogging that I really don't feel like spending MY time consulting the Wayback Machine, so I've reworked this post again. Now I can go back to my insignificant and unimportant writing about the horror that is life in the Bush Years, and Atrios can go back to his far more important work:

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