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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Top 10 Events in the Romney Olympics

The Washington Post recently published an article detailing what life is like in Wolfeboro, NH at the Romney family compound. Like tens of millions of families in America, the Romneys are relaxing and taking a break from the hectic pace of everyday life on the day we celebrate our independence. But unlike many families, the Romneys compete against each other in events that aren't typical of family competitions, such as hanging the longest time from a pole, sawing boards and pounding nails. What other events are featured in the family Olympics at which Mitt Romney excels?

  • 10) The 100 Lying Talking Point Sprint.

  • 9) Denounce the Illegal Gardener.

  • 8) The Long Jump of Faith.

  • 7) The Swiss/Cayman Islands Accounts Memory Game.

  • 6) The 200 Meter Flip Flop.

  • 5) Hostile Takeover.

  • 4) The Outsourcing Marathon.

  • 3) Clean and Jerk the Kennel on the Car Roof.

  • 2) Touching RomneyCare with a 10 Foot Pole.

  • 1) Rope and Trim the Fag.
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