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Friday, June 29, 2012

Around the Blogroll and Elsewhere: Wingnut Nervous Breakdown Edition
Posted by Jill | 6:21 AM
You may see more of these between now and October.

TBogg reveals just who at CNN got the Supreme Court ACA decision wrong.

From the "What Was MSNBC Thinking?" file, BlueGal takes on S.E. Cupp (whom I suspect would be doing the weather in Kalamazoo if her last name didn't sound like a brassiere).

Attaturk compiles tweets from wingnuts so upset at John Roberts that they're considering moving to Canada. Where they have universal health care.

Oh yeah, baby. Just go read James Wolcott, who does it like nobody else can.

Heather at C&L shows how the batshittery isn't JUST about the Supreme Court decision.

Digby makes it clear that with these people it always comes down to wanting to shoot stuff, doesn't it.

Pam has yet another compendium of hysteria.

Our very own jurassicpork was so inspired by the pearl-clutching that he didn't even wait till today to put together a special addition of Assclowns of the Week Day.

Further proof that once you leave the Research Triangle area or Asheville, North Carolina is still full of yahoos: Andy Ostroy reports on actual Republican candidates for the 11th District.

And finally some seriousness...

Comradde Physioproffe warns us not to get excited, for all this decision did was to keep the credibility of the Roberts Court hanging by enough of a thread for it to do some REAL damage in the future.

And Michael J. W. Stickings gives some snark-free analysis from the Land of Universal Health Care.

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Blogger jurassicpork said...
Why, thankee for the linkie love, kind lass.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Judging by all the wingnut BAWWWWing, you'd think the Health Gestapo was already dragging these True Americans off to the ACA death camps. "Medizinische Versorgung Macht Frei!"

Truly, this is worse than Kristallnacht....

Anonymous e.a.f. said...
yes it is terribly funny that americans want to move to Canada because "Obamacare" was upheld by the American Supreme Court. I don't think we want those Americans. They don't know enough about Canada and they'll have to check their guns at the border.

They won't want us anyhow, after they find out we have had "socialized" medicine since it first started in Saskatchewan when I was a kid. The doctors went on strike but the Premier held fast & now all of Canada has "socialized" medicine.

we actually spend less on medical care in Canada than you do in the U.S.A. Yes, we have wait lists but when you get to the first of the line you are good to go & its pretty much all paid for. You can expect to get cancer treatments within a month or so regardless of your income. In the U.S.A. you could only get it if you could afford it.

Our system is far from perfect but it is about the same for all citizens in Canada. It is not a case of if you can't pay you don't get treatment. some may like the American system because it is so fast. But it is only fast if you can afford to pay for it. No money, no service. You can be homeless in Canada & still access the best doctors in the country.

Most provinces also have prescription plans so that if your prescriptions go over say, i.e. $800 a yr. the government pays 80% after that.

What we have is a lot of healthy citizens. I don't understand a country which would refuse medical care to a child. I guess if that is what some Americans call "freedom" then they are going to love China.