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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Around the Blogroll and Elsewhere: It's Too Damn Hot edition
Posted by Jill | 6:51 AM
I've just finished what was reputed to be a week off from work, except that I spent about half of it, well, working. Not on house things, like washing windows or cleaning the bow window screens from the outside, or any big projects, but trying to get two small system mods through the mountain of testing and paperwork required before I can deploy them, get them off my desk, and move onto the impossibility of the next four months. Of course it was too hot to even consider doing anything outdoors, let alone anything constructive like finally deciding what kind of decking to use for the new deck that it's rapidly getting too late in the year to have built, or calling the contractor's references, or anything really important. So it's back to work tomorrow, on 80 hour weeks till the end of October, and the house is still a disaster. But those more organized than I have some things to say.

Today, Chris Ryan takes time out from blaming the baby boomers for everything by musing on how Willard Rmoney managed to skirt IRS limits on IRA contributions.

Steven Andrew on the trainwreck that is MSNBC's new wingnut poster child, S.E. Cupp (who I still think got the job because her Sarah Palin glasses give her that naughty librarian look without the Fatal Attraction crazy, and because her name sounds like a brassiere) (link via TBogg).

The General on a particularly weird specimen of Texas Conservative.

Laffy: Why can't it be like this more often?. In New York all you get is a drunk guy doing an off-key rendition of "No Woman No Cry."

Terrance explains how the power outages in Maryland this last week are a perfect example of Republican corporatism in action.

Margaret and Helen on the Republican obsession with Teh Ladyparts.

The New York Crank is cranky: Oh shut up with that nitpicking blather that a healthcare mandate is a tax. Just shut up, will yuh, Willard?

Rick Ungar: Will Red State Governors Opt Out Of Medicaid Expansion?

Nathaniel Downes on the scam that is the 401(k).

I seem to have an awful lot of relatives in batshit crazy states. Of course I live in a state that's governed by a guy who's clearly auditioning for the next season of Jersey Shore, so what do I know? Liberal Dan lives in New Orleans, and reports on Health Care Reform in Louisiana. Dan is podcasting now too, here.

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Blogger Patricia said...
It could be Jersey Shore, but it should be biggest loser. Lol

Blogger skippy said...
i always thought s. e. cupp's first name was "sipp"

Blogger Bob said...
I watched as much of the Cupp video as I could stand. She has an advanced degree in comparative religion or something? She's unbearable.