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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Well, it's funny, and the candidate is great, but is "We Suck Less" really what he wants to say?
Posted by Jill | 6:58 PM
Howie Klein introduces us to Ryan Combe, who is running for Congress in Utah's 1st District. Combe is cute as a button, has an equally adorable Utahn Mormon whiter-than-white family, the smokin-est wife in human history, and he's the real progressive deal. Here's Combe's campaign ad: It's either the best campaign ad ever, or it's simply a cute way of saying "We Suck Less."

What do YOU think?

What's interesting about Ryan Combe is that he took a very different lesson away from his teenaged mission in Argentina than Willard Rmoney took from his sojourn in the land of pastries and turtlenecks:
As a missionary in Argentina I saw a country without a stable, transparent, or inclusive government. Many times I walked the dirt roads, encountering amazing people who could not even spell their own names. Upon my return to the States, I was astonished and disheartened to see politicians mount attacks on policies and organizations that prevent our nation from resembling the conditions I saw on my mission. The most fundamental means of personal elevation are those that balance personal responsibility and community good to fuel vibrant communities. With the evaporation of America’s middle-class, we will see a loss of opportunities to improve our nation and world. Without a strong middle-class, America will no longer be a place for entrepreneurs and without a strong entrepreneurial class of Americans, our nation will weaken.

Having been raised in Northern Utah, the values of community and service are a part of my fiber and I believe that our community’s values more closely align with the Democratic Party.

Check out the number of times the words "community" and "communities" and "values" appear on his web site. Either he has great copywriters or he's one hell of a smart cookie.

And the ad? Well, maybe a tongue-in-cheek rendition of "We Suck Less" just might get some attention. Apparently it already is.

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Blogger Bob said...
Romney spent two years in France & paid practically no attention to French culture. A lot it is either morally reprehensible to Mormons or simply forbidden. If Americans do elect presidents on the basis of who we'd rather enjoy a beer with, Obama wins.