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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Thought for Today
Posted by Jill | 6:12 AM
I want to see Marco Rubio's birth certificate. And it can't say "Certificate of Live Birth" either, it has to say "Birth Certificate." And any notices in the newspaper don't count, as they are part of the conspiracy 41 years ago by Marco Rubio's parents to make it appear that he was born in this country because they knew even then that he would be considered for the Vice-Presidency someday. Oh yeah -- and I want to see the ORIGINAL birth certificate, not a notarized state-issued copy. I want the exact one issued by the hospital.

 (Why do I have a sense that the birthers won't be caring so much whether Marco Rubio was born here?)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
If Rubio becomes a candidate for POTUS or VPOTOUS you SHOULD be able to see his birth certificate but right now he is neither. And as far as I know, Rubio's publicist has never published a bio that referred to him as "born in Cuba," and no news services ran any stories about how "Cuban-Born Rubio" was elected to the senate.