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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Around the blogroll and elsewhere - Special It's Over, Man edition
Posted by Jill | 6:25 AM
It was over long before the Wisconsin recall election, but given an ignorant electorate, a willfully blind, clueless, incompetent and equally corporatist Democratic Party, and billionaires coming out of the shadows now that they realize they can, in fact, buy themselves a U.S. government, it's impossible to believe any longer that the country I grew up in can survive. In many ways, the sociopath Willard Rmoney will be the perfect president to preside over the final stage of metamorphosis of the US into oligarchy. So let's take a short drive, shall we?

If you want to follow Netroots Nation at home, you can do it here.

At The Reaction, The Unwritten Rules of Political Conquest. Richard Barry is far more optimistic than I am; I think we will be beaten about the face and neck with Wisconsin right into November.

Ramona reports on how while Wisconsin is getting all the press, Michigan is under siege.

I don't know about you, but after reading this, I'd pay to watch our good friend Bustednuckles take on Jonah Goldberg in a no-holds-barred steel cage match.

Mochizuki at Fukushima Diary on a public service ad campaign that likens nuclear danger to an angry wife.

Hillary Clinton is a highly accomplished woman in her sixties. Kimberley Johnson reports on how Ed Klein thinks that Clinton's lack of fuckability in his eyes is a genuine campaign issue for 2016.

Physioprof reminds us of what "freedom" meant to the founders of this country.

Driftglass eulogizes Ray Bradbury.

Robert Reich on the billionaires' slow-motion coup.

ShortWoman says there's reason for hope. Any chance she's right?

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Anonymous Comrade Physioprof said...
Thanks for the fucken link, Jill! You're the best!

Blogger Nan said...
Michigan isn't under siege. Michigan has rolled over and played dead.