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Sunday, June 03, 2012

More Republican "I know you are, but what am I?"
Posted by Jill | 3:22 PM
They sure are masters of projection, aren't they:
On Thursday, Mitt Romney campaigned at the headquarters of Solyndra — the first renewable energy company to receive a federal loan under the stimulus — and reiterated his debunked claims that its bankruptcy symbolized the corruption and cronyism of the Obama administration. But just one day later, a solar panel developer “that landed a state loan from Mitt Romney when he was Massachusetts governor” went belly up, the Boston Herald reports, creating an inconvenient storyline for the GOP presidential nominee.

The company, Konarka Technologies, “filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection and will cease operations, lay off its 85 workers and liquidate”:

“Konarka has been unable to obtain additional financing, and given its current financial condition, it is unable to continue operations,” CEO Howard Berke said in a statement. “This is a tragedy for Konarka’s shareholders and employees and for the development of alternative energy in the United States.”

The demise of Konarka could become a hot topic on the campaign trail because Romney personally doled out a $1.5 million renewable energy subsidy to the Lowell startup in 2003, shortly after taking office on Beacon Hill.

Konarka is the second Massachusetts solar company, along with Evergreen Solar and Beacon Power, to receive taxpayer dollars under Romney’s tenure and subsequently declare bankruptcy.

Romney, meanwhile, routinely dismisses the nation’s 3.1 million clean energy jobs, even as clean energy is booming in Massachusetts. The industry has created 64,000 jobs across the energy efficiency and renewable energy sectors.

Of course, under the IOKIYAR rule, you will not hear about this in the media, and Willard Rmoney won't be questioned about it -- anywhere. Because that would be a "vicious personal attack", as are all criticisms of The Man Who Would Be King.

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Blogger Grung_e_Gene said...
Le Dauphin Willard Mitt Romney, Duke of Bain shall not be subject to your petty beliefs.

Once Lord Romney hath deemed a company shall die it dies and the remains shall trickle into his hands to do with as he pleases!

Blogger jurassicpork said...
A year or so ago, I wrote a very long, well-researched (and, typically, completely ignored) post about Evergreen Solar, which has a facility in the next town south of me. How Evergreen got $50 million from Massachusetts only to pack up, spend that $50 million on a new factory in China and laid off hundreds is the REAL tragedy. I can't believe Deval Patrick didn't see that one coming.