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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Aided and abetted by the so-called "liberal media"
Posted by Jill | 6:12 AM
The clip I posted last night of David Letterman delivering the smackdown to Brian Williams and exposing him as a hopeless tool is a profound demonstration of exactly what the problem is with the so-called "liberal media". Washington pundits are so concerned about getting invited to Sally Quinn's parties and eating cocktail weenies with Eric Cantor that they let even the worst pulled-out-of-theoir-asses lies by Republican go unanswered. When a Bush Administration official told Ron Suskind that "when you're an empire, you create your own reality", Republicans and their facilitators in the media took it to heart.

Right now the Money Guys™ have the candidate they want in Mitt Romney. Here's another soulless homunculus like them -- greedy, venal, utterly devoid of empathy or sense of responsibility to anything other than his own pockets -- and he's their guy. And since the media are largely run by these Money Guys, there's zero incentive to rebut the stuff that Mitt Romney pulls out of his ass and flings to his frightened, angry constituents and tells them it's steak.

Greg Sargent explains how it works (read the details here):

Yesterday, Mitt Romney gave a big speech in which he accused Obama of lighting a “prairie fire of debt.” It’s a good line, and it has received widespread media coverage.

Romney’s speech has already been dissected by Jonathan Chait and Steve Benen. They note that it’s entirely at odds with conventional understanding of how deficits work, and utterly disconnected from context, rendering it almost unquantifiably misleading.

But I wanted to make another point. If you scan through all the media attention Romney’s speech received, you are hard-pressed to find any news accounts that tell readers the following rather relevant points:

1) Nonpartisan experts believe Romney’s plans would increase the deficit far more than Obama’s would.

2) George W. Bush’s policies arguably are more responsible for increasing the deficit than Obama's are.

Oh, sure, many of the news accounts contain the Obama campaign’s response to Romney’s speech; the Obama campaign put out a widely-reprinted statement arguing that Romney’s plans would increase the deficit and that he’d return to policies that created it in the first place.

But this shouldn’t be a matter of partisan opinion. On the first point, independent experts think an actual set of facts exists that can be used to determine what the impact of Romney’s policies on the deficit would be. And according to those experts, based on what we know now, Romney’s policies would explode the deficit far more than Obama’s would.

But of course we can't say that, because in today's media landscape, utter horseshit and lies are just "alternative facts." And as Stephen Colbert told these same pundits and movers and shakers at that infamous White House Correspondents' Dinner, facts have a well-known liberal bias. The problem is that these people believe that to be true.


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