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Monday, January 30, 2012

Top 10 Reasons Why the 99% Should Take Turns Kicking CEOs and Lawmakers in the Nut Sack

It's obvious our entire national economy from top to bottom, from side to side and from inside and out is completely predicated on fraud and malfeasance that always pulls back just enough and just in time before the whole bloody pocket-picking machine completely breaks down. What follows below are my top ten reasons why every interested American in the 99% should be allowed to kidnap every lawmaker on Capitol Hill and Wall Street Chairman and CEO, line them up against their office doors and take turns publicly kicking them in the crotch with steel-toed boots.

  • 10) Buttfucking the American consumer for decades, tanking our and the world's economy, then demanding that we, their victims, bail them out so they can continue business as usual and refuse to share that bailout money even in the form of loans at double digit interest rates.

  • 9) Steal a $3 loaf of bread to feed your starving kids, you get your name and picture on a wanted poster. Steal trillions from the Treasury and the Fed, you get your name and picture on the cover of Forbes.

  • 8) Outsourcing American jobs to Chinese, Indian and Mexican slave labor by making collusive trade agreements and offering tax deferments to Communist countries then force us to sell those goods that we used to make at or near minimum wage.

  • 7) "Jobless recovery"? Really? Really?

  • 6) Keeping HMOs almost completely unregulated under the guise of "reform" then mandating every American carry health insurance at their rates whether or not we can afford it.

  • 5) When people like Barney Frank tout Dodd-Frank and Republicans and Wall Streeters condemn it when in reality it's more watered down than gin mill draft.

  • 4) Through patient capital investment and focused strategizing in setting up a system whereby hundreds get obscenely richer when that patience, effort and diligence would've been better put to use in favor of the 99%.

  • 3) In having the nerve to continue trying to sell the easily-proven fallacies in our post-Reagan and post-Glass Steagall nation that permanent tax cuts, Trickle Down economics and deregulation actually works and creates jobs.

  • 2) Bankers arrested for tanking the nation's economy by stealing trillions, and costing millions of Americans their pensions, jobs and homes: 0. People imprisoned for protesting such theft: 6,436 and counting.

  • 1) For deliberately setting up a system whereby degreed college graduates are expected to pay off ten of thousands of dollars in student loans with minimum wage temp jobs.
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    Blogger Professor Chaos said...
    Bill Moyers is doing a great series on the subject on "Moyers & company" I've been downloading the podcasts on I-Tunes.

    Reason #11: They borrow $ from the Treasury at 0.01% then loan it back to us by buying government bonds at 3 or 4%.

    Blogger Patricia said...
    I LOVED every single thing written in this post. Because it is true.Thank God I'm not the only one who thinks this. I've been writing the same things, but you did it so much better. Thanks.

    Blogger Pangolin said...
    For creating a system that screws millions of people out of work and then telling us we're supposed "think positive" as we scrabble for the few scraps of employment that are left.

    The next person who tells me that I have to hold tight to a pie-in-the-sky fantasy is at serious risk of watching me stroke out in fury.

    Blogger jurassicpork said...
    Pangolin: The right wing fuck that I'd written about in my latest post, "All Voter Fraud is Local", used to preach to me about the power of thinking positively, "reaching for the stars", he'd actually said, when I told hm I'd be interviewing for a minimum wage temp job. "Reaching for the stars," he'd actually said. I am not making that up. Hopefully, when that right wing cocksucker goes to prison for 5 years, he'll be reaching not for the stars but his ankles in the prison shower for some liberating, if painful, anal sex.