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Friday, January 27, 2012

And this happened on the day Gabrielle Giffords resigned from the House
Posted by Jill | 6:48 AM
On the day Gabrielle Giffords resigned from Congress to continue to recover from being shot in the head, it looks like someone in Missouri has decided that the way to get rid of Democratic lawmakers is via a bgun barrel:
Orange stickers with an image of rifle cross hairs were found yesterday on the office nameplates of several Democratic state senators, prompting an investigation by Missouri Capitol Police, Senate Administrator Jim Howerton said.

“We are taking all the precautions we can,” Howerton said.

One similar sticker was found on the nameplate outside the door of state Rep. Scott Dieckhaus, R-Washington. He was the only Republican and the only House member who found one of the stickers.

The stickers were near the doors of all four Democratic women in the Senate — Jolie Justus and Kiki Curls, both of Kansas City, and Maria Chapelle-Nadal and Robin Wright-Jones, both of St. Louis. A sticker also was found near the door of Sen. Victor Callahan, D-Kansas City and the Democrats’ floor leader.

“If anyone thinks this was a prank, it is not a prank,” Justus said after discussing the discovery of the stickers on the Senate floor. “You don’t joke about someone’s personal safety.”

There was no explanation of the significance of the stickers, and as of this morning, no leads had been reported to Senate leaders. Lawmakers yesterday were debating a Republican-sponsored bill to block implementation of the federal health care overhaul. Democrats were leading the opposition.

“It is unsettling, especially since we have no protection, no metal detectors in this building,” Curls said. Her staff found a small sticker, removed it and later found a much larger one in its place, she said.

“We don’t have any explanation,” Justus said on the Senate floor. “Many of us when we came back to our office this afternoon had gun targets on our nameplates. A few of the senators removed them, only to have them replaced by larger stickers later.”

Justus said Capitol Police and the Missouri State Highway Patrol had been contacted to conduct the investigation.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...
The two parties are NOT the same.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
But remember: Only liberals can be terrorists.....

Blogger Carol Ann said...
"via a bun barrel."


Blogger Bustednuckles said...
Some fucking asshole taking that Liberal Hunting license bullshit just a bit too seriously.

Double, triple bonus round, the confirmation word is "Freake"

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Shame they don't have security cameras like everyone else, eh?

No fingerprints? No DNA tissue?

This involves the head of security in the building. There is no way that finding these people would be a "problem."