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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Around the Blogroll and Elsewhere: Never Second-Guess the Money Guys edition
Posted by Jill | 5:45 AM
Was there ever any doubt? The minute the money guys sensed that Mittens the Chosen One might be in trouble, a no-holds-barred push in Iowa began for the "unemployed", "middle-class" quarter-billionaire.

I could only stand so much of the coverage and ended up watching an old American Masters on the Warner Brothers on WLIW instead, but my cousin says on Facebook that Rachel Maddow managed to slip in a comment that Rick Santorum "came from behind", which is of course all kinds of win and why we adore her so. Of course said cousin couldn't leave well enough alone and also snarked " Rick Santorum has come from behind, pushed past #2 and finished first with another man in the end." But that's another story, Iowa is over, and it looks like we'll have Rick Santorum to kick around for a while longer, something for which we should all thank Dan Savage every day from now until Mittens' coronation, even if Dan DOES hate fat people.

Instaputz had not just Iowa but the nomination called by 8:26 PM.

We have been badly remiss in not linking to Doghouse Riley in a long time, but yesterday he got into the Dan Savage spirit quite nicely in putting Iowa in context.

Smell the Chris-mentum!! Hopeful over at Blue Jersey notes that the good looks, charm, and charisma Blue Collar Messiah from Joisey brought Mittens six fewer votes than in 2008.

I know that Newt is blustering his way to utter irrelevance,but his golf-ball-through-a-garden-hose spouse provides so much comedy gold that Princess Sparkle Pony can't resist. (Note in particular the photo accompanying the December 29 entry. I half-expected Christian Camargo to appear in it.)

BadTux sings "Heigh-ho" about the final placement.

Not Iowa-related, but this entry by Southern Beale is so good, and we are SO going to get Sally Quinn (who was golfball-through-a-garden-hose before it was cool) all over the place today punditizing alongside the equally idiotic David Brooks, that we should remind ourselves just how awful the Villagers are.

Speaking of Callista, Ken reassures us that we're going to have her (and her husband, the Pillsbury Doughboy), around to kick around for a while longer.

Laffy on the Jon Huntsman/Ron Paul trash-talkin'.

Rick Ungar on how Frothy wants you to have your baby so it can inhale a whole bunch of mercury.

And finally...if you aren't reading Charles Pierce during this ridiculous charade of a primary season, you should be.

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