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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Maybe George Allen should just stay away from cameras
Posted by Jill | 5:44 AM
No macaca moments in this one, and there IS something kind of cool about seeing a politician (or a would-be one) show his true colors after he thinks the camera has been turned off. But if this goes viral, George Allen's attempted comeback could find itself in trouble:

Every time I see George Allen, I think of Bob Roberts:

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Blogger Patricia said...
"Take Three!" It's all about him. Oh the torture. You'd think he'd been waterboarded. Yeah Merry Christmas you peons. Are all politicians narcissists? Ugh.

Blogger Elayne said...
There's really nothing untoward in that video. He didn't flip the bird to the camera or anything, he just expressed frustration with having to record the same message numerous times. I find that kind of thing annoying as well.

Anonymous Barry Brenesal said...
Based on what you wrote, I expected him to say something incredibly stupid. The camera just rolled on after he finished, and he sounded just...like...a guy who'd finished a spot. There was nothing.

I don't Allen or his politics, and the "macaca" moment came none too soon, IMO. but I've no idea what you're saying here that's so harmful to his career.