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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Things I Learned While Working on a Habitat for Humanity Project
Posted by Jill | 6:47 PM
1. When laying 12" floor tile, hire a professional. There's a reason they're so expensive.

2. If you must lay 12" floor tile yourself, get a good pair of kneepads. If you're horizongally challenged like I am, make sure the straps don't cut into the back of your legs. Otherwise you'll be bent from the waist all day and your hamstrings will be wonderfully stretched, but also screaming.

3. Bill Clinton made it so that we will never again be able to say "kneepads" without thinking of Monica Lewinsky.

4. People who think you're with an all-female construction company will stop by and ask for your business card because they think you'll be honest and meticulous. Maybe we don't have to worry about layoffs after all; if the worst happens we can form an all-female construction company. Any suggestions for names? My colleagues didn't seem to be crazy about "Chicks with Dicks."

5. Put the stirrer on the drill, then put it in the bucket of water and thinset, THEN turn it on. Don't just plunge the spinning stirrer into the bucket. All hell will break loose.

6. Habitat is a really good organization that deserves everyone's support.

7. Ken Johnson of Amarillo Grilling is an awesome guy, whose business means there are TWO awesome 'cue masters in the area. (Dave Finkelstein is the other one.) If you're looking for someone to cater a party and you're within 100 miles of Oakland, NJ, give Ken a call.

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Blogger Bustednuckles said...
Good on ya honey!

A few lessons learned the hard way but worth every minute.

Anonymous tata said...
So happy for you!