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Monday, November 21, 2011

And yet they have time for this
Posted by Jill | 7:51 AM
I don't answer my land line phone at home. I screen all calls, and return calls I want to return. I do this because despite being on the "do not call" list, my phone often rings off the hook with nonprofits and political groups wanting money and robocalls from groups and politicians. I have a policy: I only give to individual candidates as I see fit, and I only give to local nonprofits -- mostly animal shelters and food pantries --where I know the money they raise isn't going for bloated administrative salaries and the mailing of free crap in fundraising letters. So it's a waste of time for telemarketers to contact me.

I use my cell phone a lot more than I used to. It isn't that I talk more on the phone for fun, because I actually hate talking on the phone. But I spend at least a third to half of my work time on teleconferences, and when I'm at home, I use my cell phone to access them. So in some months, I might use my entire 500 shared monthly minutes allowance in a single week.

But now the telecommunications industry seeks the ability to use up your minutes by haranguing you with robocalls on your cell phone.

The Mobile Information Call Act is a proposal by Nebraska congressman Lee Terry. Yes, he is a Republican. The Republicans have time for this, and they have time to reaffirm "In God We Trust" as he national motto. That pesky jobs business? That's for pussies.

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Blogger The Good Luck Duck said...
I agree with you so hard that I'm afraid to read more.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
I have to admit that Lee Terry is just doing what the Koch brothers pay him for.

They have almost total control of all politics in Nebraska, including the federal legislators.

Check how many "politicians" in Nebraska are members of ALEC.