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Friday, November 18, 2011

Sick sick sick sick sick.
Posted by Jill | 11:43 AM
If Bill Maher ever has Andrew Breitbart on his show again, I'm going to stop watching him for good. Why should we give air time to someone who hires people like this.

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Blogger Nan said...
One of the many things that annoys me about Maher is the way he gives a platform over and over and over to right-wing nutjobs and helps elevate them into being news-worthy and/or credible. Ann Coulter was a regular on his show, so was Christine O'Donnell. Maher might make some vaguely progressive noises, but the only things motivating him are money and ratings.

Blogger Melina said...
but...what does these new threats have to do with Maher?...he went on vacation last week; had Breitbart on once, I think...and it spoke for itself. Maher has always had some horrific asses on to balance it out or cue the circus music. I hate Breitbart, but I wouldnt want to go after Maher about his craziness. Breitbart is a symptom of the disease in this country that is allowing huge groups of selfish, base element to express who they really are. I like to see it, because if they have an opening, then they stop hiding and are revealed.

There is a concerted effort among certain lobby groups beginning just this past week, to defame and endanger the 99% and it wont work. I was listening to sirius left today and they were playing what Hannity was saying (sex in the streets, people taking drugs in the open, people getting killed...just the usual woodstock talking points about dirty hippies...) and reportedly the police are directing released prisoners over the OWS site in NY to get food and shelter...can you imagine? but the teabaggers inciting violence is just a normal part of the new reality. If they can show up at a rally with guns on their hips, then anything is fair game. The answer is not to silence Brietbart but to spotlight how crazy he is and ask people if they are really with him....and I think that Maher was ahead of the curve in that, just like with the wiccan bitch.
Its terribly upsetting...but we cant afford to lose any good intelligent mouthpiece we have...also did you see the video of Maher at occupy LA? he talked quite a bit and was great.
IN other words...forgive Maher for booking Breitbart this season...he was trying to make good TV; I wish it was all Mick Ware, but and Brother Cornell West, but that would be preaching to the choir....and the masses want a fight.