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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fox News At Its Finest, Part XIV

How about this blast from the past? Fox "News" quoting Dick "deficits don't matter" Cheney about his rosy economic forecast less than two years before it blew up.

This is how Fox decided to celebrate Martin Luther King Day last January: By slamming a black man using a dead white guy. Kudos, Fox.

Sure they did, Pat. And one of their names was Christopher Columbus.

"But let's ignore the fact that as Hurricane Katrina was destroying New Orleans, Bush did the same thing in San Diego."

And the Republican party is doing its damnedest to ensure the White House can't make that guarantee.

Homeland Security using DNA scans for immigration cases, TSA using DNA scanners at airports... what's the difference?

I guess when Roger Ailes set out to change the world, he literally meant it.
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Anonymous mandt said...
Barf bag ready.

Blogger Arthur Mervyn said...
Actually, I think it was the reverse direction for syphilis and gonorrhea. And regarding the smallpox epidemics, one Mexican pathologist (in DISCOVERY magazine a number of years ago) said that there were signs of smallpox in pre-Columbian skeletons. According to this pathologist, the epidemics were more likely the result of the horrendous and unhealthy living conditions the enslaved natives were kept in.