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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Balls to the Wall
Guys, I know you're all sick and tired of me and my constant problems and who the fuck can blame you? Keeping a roof over our heads, our bills paid and food in our stomachs is my job. But since I lost my unemployment last March, even these modest goals are impossible when we have nothing but Barb's $135 in UI benefits to cover even some of our bills.

But the luck I've had since 2009 is something even Job would envy. I've shelled out $1300 in car repair bills in the last year now I have a $100-150 muffler job to look forward to. I need to renew my auto policy before the end of the month. I need to renew and convert Barb's license a couple of weeks later and AAA will want a renewal the month after that. That's another $250+.

My Dell shit the bed again last night hours after I got it out of the shop at a cost of $80. The other laptop is in the same shop and will cost us another $100. So we have no computer and we're reduced to spending even more money we don't have to use the local cafe's computer.

And that's not even the worst of it. My card got declined this morning even though yesterday I had about $100 over what I needed to cover our $650 rent check. So I raced to the nearest computer and discovered that the Massachusetts Department of Revenue grabbed over $728 out of my checking account for money they claim I owe them. Then they helped themselves to another $20 for a "fee" and that's where we stand now: A minus balance of $20.

The ironic thing is the DOR owes me something like 20 grand for taking money out of my pocket without a valid court order for nearly 8 1/2 years and when I write them to tell them this, they completely ignore me. But that's not going to get resolved until I can somehow hire a lawyer.

I still don't know if the last rent check cleared but whether or not it did, we're looking at a massive overdraft with no way of covering it. Without a computer and with gas at $4 a gallon, this skein of bad luck puts a severe crimp on our job search.

All this time I've somehow managed to keep our heads above water but this time we're looking at the very real prospect of eviction sometime this month. My landlord lost his own job and the company folded so he desperately needs all his rent or he'll lose this house along with us. Please, Please, PLEASE help in any way you can (Pottersville has a Paypal button on the top right). I swear to God, I am not making any of this up. I really am this unlucky.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Say, I know you don't know me except as an occasional poster...but I have a PC box I can strip and send, if you have a monitor and keyboard.

You're right, your run of luck has sucked.

If sending you my old pc would help even a bit, I will happily hie me to a post office.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Oh...lol, NOW it gives me the email tip off box.

Seriously, better luck ahead!

Blogger Pangolin said...
Dump you car and get a bicycle capable of carrying yourself, passenger and some groceries around. No insurance, registration, maintenance, fuel or other $$$ surprises.

Xtracycle:(I have one and so do about twenty other people in my town)

Yuba Mundo: (can be electrified)

Trek Transport


Why not just get a trailer? On a longtail the back wheel goes pretty much where the front wheel went. With a trailer it's anybody's guess what that trailer is doing back there but they get in trouble far too often including jacknifing, overturning and hooking(poles, trees).

That job you're searching for may be a long ways off. If it is the car isn't going to be anything but a lump of expensive steel.

Blogger jurassicpork said...

Did you get my street address?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
No, no I didn't ....did you email it to me? Send it to labrys6 at gmail dot com?

And do you want us to send it utterly naked, or with an operating system re-installed?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Ok, apparently my comment didn't make it?? No, did not get address....be sure to use correct email:
labrys6 at gmail dot com ....forgetting the '6' seems the common error.

We can send it stripped or with clean install of software....if you tell us what you would like in email, we can tell you what we have to re-load, it ran Windows 7 before and we have a host of other stuff we under-used (dreamweaver, etc)