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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Posted by Jill | 6:02 AM
And people said I was being overly dramatic when I started saying that women would soon have to send their used tampons to the government for inspection to determine if they had allowed fertilized eggs to not implant. Soon, abortion will be a crime. CONSIDERING abortion will also be a crime. In Iowa, it already is:
Life can't get much worse for Christine Taylor. Last month, after an upsetting phone conversation with her estranged husband, Ms. Taylor became light-headed and fell down a flight of stairs in her home. Paramedics rushed to the scene and ultimately declared her healthy. However, since she was pregnant with her third child at the time, Taylor thought it would be best to be seen at the local ER to make sure her fetus was unharmed.

That's when things got really bad and really crazy. Alone, distraught, and frightened, Taylor confided in the nurse treating her that she hadn't always been sure she'd wanted this baby, now that she was single and unemployed. She'd considered both adoption and abortion before ultimately deciding to keep the child. The nurse then summoned a doctor, who questioned her further about her thoughts on ending the pregnancy. Next thing Taylor knew, she was being arrested for attempted feticide. Apparently the nurse and doctor thought that Taylor threw herself down the stairs on purpose.

According to Iowa state law, attempted feticide is an trying "to intentionally terminate a human pregnancy, with the knowledge and voluntary consent of the pregnant person, after the end of the second trimester of the pregnancy." At least 37 states have similar laws. Taylor spent two days in jail before being released. That's right, a pregnant woman was jailed for admitting to thinking about an abortion at some point early in her pregnancy and then having the audacity to fall down some stairs a couple of months later. Please tell me you find this as horrifying as I do.


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Anonymous Warren said...
Next step - Birthing Prison. They'll call them "Birthing Centers" or "Women's Pavilions" or something innocuous like that. They'll be contained in a private wing of your nearest Catholic hospital, but with tastefully designed bars and well-dressed guards.

Once the examination of your tampon shows you're pregnant, off to the Birthing Center you'll go until you deliver. Those who sign a "Life Begins At Conception" document, a "Declaration of Faith" and who have their husband's permission, may be exempted.

Then it's out the door and you're on your own.

Anonymous Kana W said...
Reminds me of the old song: "Stop the World, I Want to Get Off". This is getting crazier and more frightening every week. And people wonder how it happened in 1930s Germany - just look around. It's happening here.