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Monday, March 28, 2011

And Still More Blogrolling In Our Time
Posted by Jill | 5:54 AM
I probably should have waited until April 11 of next year to add The Titanic Sails At Dawn, but say a prescient hello anyway.

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Blogger Bruce Schmiechen said...
Thanks for this and welcome to your readers!

I just posted a piece on the deficit hypocrisy of Senator Shelby of Bankistan.

The Titanic sails at dawn

PS: And we are adding you folks to our "Double Espresso" list of great reads as well.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Bruce forgot to mention that Shelby put a silent hold on all consideration of President Obama's nominations for government offices.


He wanted a piece, of the $35 billion dollar contract for obsolete flying gas stations for the aging Air Force bombers, for the great state of Alabama.

When the first three American missiles hit the target accurately in the 1990s, all bombers, aircraft carriers and the associated nonsense became instantly obsolete.

Blogger D. said...
Praise be to world's Neptune!