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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Want to support a REAL Democrat?
Posted by Jill | 6:16 AM
It's never fun going into a room full of people you don't know, especially when you still carry baggage from high school 30+ years later, when you just assumed that everyone would think you're a fat, weird, geek. But when I attended my first Meetup to support Howard Dean in 2004, I was helped to feel welcome by Jeff Gardner, a young progressive activist from northern New Jersey. After nearly a decade of issue and electoral activism -- and wresting control of his home town's council from control of the corrupt hacks who ran it, Jeff is now running for state Senate in New Jersey's 35th district.

If change must be made from the ground up, Jeff's efforts are a roadmap for taking the entire Democratic Party back from the money-laden handshakes that dominate politics from local up to national; from those who would do the bidding of those who write six-figure checks instead of those writing twenty-five dollar checks.

I know Jeff as an activist -- and the real deal. But since I'm pressed for time this morning, I'll let Howie Klein make the case:
Blue America rarely reaches out to help candidates raise money in local legislative races. We do make exceptions for exceptional candidates and we have one for you today: Jeff Gardner of New Jersey, who's in a primary race against a corrupt incumbent drowning in a sewer scandal, John Girgenti, the Majority Whip, best known as the New Jersey legislator who killed marriage equality. With vicious homophobes like Girgenti leading the Democrats... who needs Republicans!

Jeff Gardner made a name for himself as an advocate for marriage equality, and he's much more than that. As a fourteen-year veteran attorney for the National Labor Relations Board, he's been fighting to protect workers, making sure union members are guaranteed their rights in the workplace. As an early organizer for Democracy for America, he pushed Democratic candidates up and down the ballot to champion progressive policies and push for common sense solutions. He's a real Democrat who is itching to fight for the issues important to all of us.Whether it's protecting women's access to family planning services or fighting for marriage equality, Jeff will never back down from a fight. He's going to stand up for what he believes in, which means standing behind progressive policies that too many Democrats run away from.

We need to support the very best Democrats at every level of government, not just in Washington. The battles in Wisconsin and Ohio highlight the need for strong progressive leaders in traditionally Democratic-leaning state governments. We can't afford to put collective bargaining rights at risk. We can't let the radical right take away a woman's right to choose. Most importantly, we need Democrats who are going to fight for us. I hope you can join us in making sure Jeff has all the resources necessary to take down this entrenched incumbent in the Democratic primary in June. He's our newest addition to the Blue America PAC and he'll be joining us for a live session 11a PDT/2p EDT at Crooks and Liars on Thursday.

There's a money bomb for Jeff today. It's not my district, alas, but I'm donating anyway. Can you?


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Blogger Mauigirl said...
Thanks for the heads up. I'm in NJ and hadn't been aware of him. Will check out the link.