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Friday, February 04, 2011

The Toy Cop is on Sale
The Toy Cop
Your ex-spouse just took a US senator and a dozen other people hostage in the most impregnable place in town: The armory. You're a rookie patrol officer and your ex demands to speak to you and you only. His demands: Stop the federal execution of the most notorious child killer since Albert Fish. Have him brought to the armory. In other words: Unreasonable. The FBI can't help you, no one can but a disgraced FBI negotiator struggling with his own demons.

What do you do, especially when the Bureau finds out that your ex is either working in collusion with or accidentally invited in with him the world's most dangerous terrorist, a man who stole 10 canisters of lethal VX nerve gas and plans to use them on thousands of innocents? What do you do when a major television network is manipulating the hostage situation? What do you do when disparate elements seeking their own agenda risk touching off the worst mass murder since September 11th?

What would you do then, rookie?

The Toy Cop is now up for sale on Scribd at the low introductory price of $4.99. When it's available on Kindle, I'll be posting a link to that page, as well.

(Update: The Toy Cop is now available on Kindle.)
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