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Friday, February 18, 2011

Around the blogroll and elsewhere: Divide and Conquer edition
Posted by Jill | 6:49 PM
Because as long as the Koch brothers and their bought-and-paid-for lapdog in the Governor's mansion in Wisconsin can keep the middle class sniping at each other, they won't notice just how much the kind of life said middle class is so terrified of losing is being taken away from them by guys like the Koch brothers.

Robert Reich on the Republican Strategy. If you read nothing else linked in this post, read this one. Money quote: "They pit average working Americans against one another, distract attention from the almost unprecedented concentration of wealth and power at the top, and conceal Republican plans to further enlarge and entrench that wealth and power."

The war on the middle class isn't just about public sector unions (though that's a sizable part of it). The GOP's war on women is also part of the master plan to eviscerate the middle class. Amanda writes about the GOP's increasing radicalization about contraception.

Driftglass doesn't want to hear a single Republican talk about shared sacrifice ever again (and explains why you shouldn't either).

Paul Siegel on how the Republicans don't give a rat's ass about the deficit.

Matt Taibbi with a reminder of just who we should be pointing fingers at instead of demanding that public sector workers get screwed just as much as everyone else.

Brendan calls for Obama to cut funding to every state represented by a Republican. Give those idiots what they want.

SanFranLefty has more speeches by Democratic wimmenz kicking ass and taking names.

Speaking of kicking ass, this post is a bit long in the tooth, but Helen Philpot did a good job of slipping the shiv to guys who think it's GOOD for women to be forced to hear a fetal heartbeat.

Godamighty, I've missed Lower Manhattanite.

From karoli at C&L, Barney:

And from LJSearles at My Mental Dumping Ground, Bernie:

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