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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Nothing is the new something.
Posted by Jill | 1:16 PM
It's only January 2, and already I'm sick of hearing that something is the new something else. I realize that this is snark (sort of) but still....yeesh:
Every year, I predict the death of the cupcake. I'm always wrong.

But this year, they'll have real competition from the humble pie. Trend-spotters are calling pie the food of the year. Texas and New York restaurants offer pie happy hours. Pies are showing up at weddings, and pie shops are opening in a neighborhood near you. Pies come in sweet and savory, maxi and mini, deep dish and deep-fried.

If pies are the new cupcakes, New York Magazine says, vegetables are the new meat.

No more the supporting actors. Vegetables are stars. Remember food guru Michael Pollan's mantra? "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." It's getting some serious traction.

And when Mario Batali — the prince of pork — embraces meatless Mondays, you know the times they are a-changing.

One of the most glam vegetables will be kale. Look for the frilly bouquet of slightly bitter, dark greens both cooked and raw in a salad.

Root vegetables, meanwhile, are the new heirlooms. These gnarled vegetables such as salsify, Jerusalem artichokes and celery root are about to step onto the food fashion runway.

Child nutrition is definitely on the national radar screen. Childhood obesity has been called the new tobacco. We'll see top chefs in school cafeterias and more healthful choices on kids' menus in restaurants.

At the same time, junk food is going upscale. I have reports of foie gras wrapped in cotton candy and restaurant-made Cheeto-like snacks.

After years of gourmet hamburgers, hot dogs may be the new popular kids. They're moving from street carts to brick-and-mortar buildings. Watch for them on your block.

On the other hand, pie.

Especially the apple pie from Fairway.


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Anonymous Dr. BDH said...
Pies are good for throwing, for example at Bill Kristol. Walloping him with a bunch of kale wouldn't have the same boffo effect. A big enough turnip, on the other hand, could leave an unsightly bruise.

And always remember, never eat beets on a day that ends in "y."

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Wait a minute...I thought catfood was going to be the new food trend...well, at least if the Republi-baggers have their way.

Blogger Fixer said...
Fairway's Apple Crumb and a glass of Porto, always an excellent dessert. Heh ...