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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Just wondering, is all
Posted by Jill | 7:52 AM
Why is it that Eric Fuller can be involuntarily committed and Jared Lee Loughner couldn't?


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Blogger PurpleGirl said...
Over-reaction by the powers that be. He "made" a threat. This time they're on top of it. I blame the bookers who had him in the audience.

Anonymous brendan calling said...
why is it tea party people can come to health care town halls and try to intimidate participants by taking their photos, but when Eric Fuller does it right back to them it's a crime?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
It's Arizona.

When the Veterans Administration psychiatrists finally persuaded me that I not only had PTSD but severe PTSD and that I would undoubtedly never be able to work again, I went outside and was crying.

Guy in inpatient pajamas was sitting there. I offered a cigarette. He asked me "What's up, bro?"

I said "They finally convinced me that I'm crazy. They say I will never work again."

He said, "Don't sweat it. You're in Arizona. If the VA psychiatrists admit you are crazy, you can make money being a hitman. If you get caught, they'll send you down to such and such a facility, load you up with Thorazine, pronounce you cured in 6 weeks and kick you back out."

Struck me as funny and I started laughing. Walked over to the bus stop, counted out how much I needed in bus fare to get home, gave everything else to the native american veterans who always hung out there.