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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Today's tinfoil
Posted by Jill | 5:19 AM
When one is spending the entire weekend working and one is up at 5 AM on a Sunday because one's cat has been howling nonstop outside your bedroom door for an hour and a half, one can be forgiven for the donning o'the tinfoil:

Isn't it just possible that this whole business with Julian Assange is designed to reduce the hue and cry that will result when Comcast and others succeed in getting Washington to give broadband providers the power to block sites and implement tiered pricing? After all, if an open internet can be portrayed as a "threat to national security", it makes it much easier to try to lock it down for the casual user as much as possible.

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Anonymous tata said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Give me a break!

Comcast doesn't want to BLOCK sites. They only want to charge more to access them. Indeed, they will very likely do all in their power to drive users to them. It would profit them naught to keep users away from the porn. Of for that matter, from Google.

But as it is, they make NOTHING from user visits to the 'paid' sites -- and that includes Wall Street Journal, many of the streaming sites, and almost everything controlled by Murdoch...

What they WANT is the ability to drive their users to those sites which pay THEM more. [Bing vs Google! is the first example that comes to mind.]
The current TV/Cable model is a perfect example. Wasn't it Comcast who only recently refused to carry one of the sports channels -- or was it that they weren't allowed to carry one of the sports channels -- because they wouldn't pay for it.... Or didn't want to pay for it!

I would expect WikiLeaks to be among those being 'driven to' -- or at least charged more for -- at the moment [were it allowed!] since it's become controversial.. You can be sure the ISPs watch what sites are popular and what aren't....