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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Eat the poor
Posted by Jill | 5:37 AM
Literally. That's the wingnut answer to unemployment. I kid you not:
Fox News tells Unemployed 99ers to: try Cannibalism to see you through ... like our forefathers did (if they did not freeze to death before - that is)

Charles Payne Fox Business Network contributor for the show Varney & Co. basically told the 99ers to tough it out, when responding to a question from 99ers Union Co-founder Gregg Rosen on todays show.

Gregg asked “So you’re telling me, people would rather go hungry and homeless than to get a job? Does that make sense?”

To which Payne responded: “Faced with going hungry or homeless they will find a job..they will create a job...they will create opportunities because..Guess what? cuz [sic] when the first Americans landed here...there was nothing. Some of them froze to death, some of them resorted to cannibalism ... but they made it...”

I'm looking forward to watching Sarah Palin field-dress an unemployed person on her reality show. She'll then look at the camera and talk about the rugged individualism and opportunity creation of hardworking people in Alaska.


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Blogger Melinda said...
Shouldn't someone point out that they "made it" because the natives felt sorry for them, provided them with food and taught them how to grow the local crops? Let's be honest, the First Americans were welfare recipients.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Payne is correct.

They won't starve, but the black market is going to grow from 25-35 percent to over 50 percent.

Then economists will be totally wrong. They do not take into account the black market in the United States before the depression, so any figures that they use are lies.

For 20 years, I worked in and out of the black market. It exists and it is huge.

A little researched fact is that immigrants that do not know the "rules" tend to start and run businesses that cater to the demand that they find. They create jobs, because they don't participate in the paperwork that buries small business that obey "the law."

The United States needs more entrepreneurs.

A little research on the Korean delis in New York City and how they grew will show that almost all models of small businesses is pure unadulterated crap.

Anonymous mandt said...
Well, if cannibalism is the new chic we're heading to NJ to eat the governor. That alone should keep us through the winter .

Blogger jurassicpork said...
I wonder how fast Jonathan Swift is twirling in his grave?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I just have to laugh when some well-off lardbutt tells the rest of us we have to show grit and determination, and suffer and starve...

Well, if it comes down to it, why not eat them? (cue Motorhead's "Eat The Rich"). After all, I'm sure they're pretty juicy and tender...though I'm sure a slice of Rush Limbaugh would be rather gamy and foul....

Blogger Pangolin said...
What possible service can the ultra-pampered wealthy of America be persuaded to shell out megabucks for?

These people do not: cook, clean their own houses, garden, do home repairs, fix their cars, buy their own groceries, walk their dogs, raise their own children or give their spouses backrubs. All of that is done by people earning frighteningly low wages because there aren't any alternatives.

Exactly how pampered must the rich be before everybody who needs a job has one? When do we wake up and acknowledge that luck and the mutual inheritance of technology has far more to do with anybody's wealth than effort or skill?

It's past time people started thinking for themselves.