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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Does this include the mama grizzlies too?
Posted by Jill | 5:14 AM
The lunatic right really needs to get its signals straight. Here's the Director of Issues Analysis for the American Family Association:
One human being is worth more than an infinite number of grizzly bears. Another way to put it is that there is no number of live grizzlies worth one dead human being. If it’s a choice between grizzlies and humans, the grizzlies have to go. And it’s time.

In a piece in the LA Times which exudes far more compassion for live bears than dead people, writer Julie Cart wrings her hands over the 48 grizzlies that have died this year in the Yellowstone region this year, on top of the 52 which died last year.

Now two people have also died, which barely rates a mention in her column. In fact, her opening sentence oozes with sympathy for these poor, misunderstood creatures:

“It's been a bad year for grizzly bears, and, if forecasts prove correct, it's only going to get worse.”

It’s not until the fifth paragraph that we get the first mention of a human fatality. And it’s only in passing, in words from a man who lost a friend to a grizzly and naturally blames people, apparently including his own botanist friend::

"A grizzly is a top-level carnivore; at times he will act like one," said Chuck Neal, author of "Grizzlies in the Mist," who lost a botanist friend to a grizzly attack this year. "People are a readily available source of high-quality protein. We eat too much and exercise too little. We're like a hot dog on two legs."


"With more bears and more people stuffed into the 22,000 square miles of bear habitat, something has to give, and no one here has a simple answer.”

Of course there is a simple answer: shoot these man-eaters on sight.


Maybe we could send a few of these “nuisance” bears home with these federal judges and help them get their minds right about the mindless risk they are forcing on their fellow members of the human race.

Stephen Colbert should sue:


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