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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Memo to Teabaggers: You Can't Tread on Us, Either

The two questions that first spring to mind are, why isn't Rand Paul campaign coordinator/professional thug Tim Profitt in jail for curb-stomping a defenseless woman and why does he think she owes him an apology? An apology for what, putting her head and shoulder under his jackboot?

Another question I'd like to add is, considering that Profitt is not only still a free man and that there are no pending assault charges and nothing worse than a criminal summons against him, how come Democrat Jon Taylor was arrested, wrestled to the ground and charged with three crimes just for peacefully appearing at an Eric Cantor event with an invitation?

And, while I hate to side with Tim Profitt on this issue, how come Kentucky police let things get so out of hand that a woman was openly assaulted when they were certainly within range to do something about it if not prevent it?

It would be easy to dismiss these random acts of violence visited on Democrats and liberal activists on campaign staffers and supporters but the one fact that no one had addressed is why the police are letting them get away with it? Anyone keeping track of the rise in right wing violence as the midterms approach will see an unmistakable pattern of the police aiding and abetting such violence if not not actually taking part in it. After all, why would Jon Taylor get tossed from a coffee shop when he had an invitation to the Cantor event? It seems to more than suggest that if you're a Republican, you have the right to create your own little (Sorry, Ms. O'Donnell) witch hunt. Just point your finger at a Democrat, tell lies such as him disturbing the peace and the local constabulary will be only too glad to do your bidding. It seems for every Victor Phillips, there are 100 Tim Profitts and Alan Wests.

So, what's going on? Is police protection only for Republicans in spite of the fact that they and they alone are calling for "2nd amendment remedies" and hiring bikers and other camera-blocking, unlicensed thugs to do security at a middle school?

Well, I have had enough. Mrs. JP and I are going to be at the rallies from start to finish. And to anyone out there planning on organizing a counter rally to the Stewart/Colbert counter rallies, I have one thing to say to you:

Try and start trouble, I'll step on you like I would an over ripe grape. Just try to disrupt this rally with your right wing thuggery and you'll be outnumbered probably by at least 1000 to 1 and I'll be right at the vanguard taping the whole thing. It's a public event and anyone can come but that doesn't give you the right to start violence. You start it, I'll finish it if I have anything to say about it.

Because I've had it with us being the nice guys and I think we all know what Leo Durocher said about nice guys. You don't want to be treaded on by our big, bad Socialist government? Fine.

But you can't tread on us, either, starting with me.
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Anonymous gil mann said...
See, this is what I was talking about downblog, homeboy. Listen to yourself. Do you seriously think anybody's looking to start trouble at a comedy gig? Oh, sure, anything's possible, but you're already drunk on your own badassery just thinking about getting your chance to be a big man.

People like you always manage to make things worse, so I can only hope that either a) nobody gives you the merest wisp of a pretense to throw down (and really, you might wanna be a little less obvious about licking your lips over the prospect--it's unseemly) or b) whatever melee your nerdrage enables somehow only causes damage to willing participants (it's not how these things tend to go, but again, anything's possible).

Oh, and thanks for the invitation, but I can't make the rally (and your threat was superfluous--I know perfectly well what a punk you are). Some other time, perhaps.

See ya 'round the web, Cap'n Hardcore. And just on the off-chance I'm not talking to a complete wall, do yourself and everyone within a 50-foot radius of you a favor and set aside some time during the trip to think about what violence is really like before you roll into the Mall nine-tenths cocked. Entertain the notion that maybe your antics won't be lovingly shot from low angles and accompanied by a propulsive Michael Kamen score.

Blogger jurassicpork said...
Dude, I don't need you to lecture me of all people about violence. And I am not going to make apologies for defending myself or someone else who may need it. Perhaps you'd let someone whale on you for the purpose of keeping the peace but I think more pragmatic people would have a different perspective.

And yes, the Teabaggers would start violence at a comedy rally especially when they see how badly Stewart and Colbert will outdraw Glenn Beck. Do not underestimate these losers. I won't and that's why I'll be vigilant when I leave of the rally in the next hour.