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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More Republican Thuggery

When we hear the phrase "curb-stomping", many of us, I'm sure, think of the practice of gang members placing their enemies' teeth on a curb and violently stomping on the back of their head. Those of us who are movie buffs may think of that indelibly violent scene in the Edward Norton movie, American History X.

But even in today's highly polarized and openly nasty partisanship that often involves Republican thuggery, we certainly don't expect to see or hear about liberal activists getting literally curb-stomped by Republican voters or campaign coordinators such as Rand Paul staffer Tim Profitt.

Yet this is exactly what had happened to liberal activist Lauren Valle, a 23 year-old young lady of slight build who'd merely tried to give Paul a fake employee of the month sign from the fictional organization Republicorp and to get her picture taken with Paul. That's when she was wrestled to the ground and then curb-stomped by Profitt, a guy who easily had 6 inches and about 100 pounds on Valle.

Valle was taken to the hospital and released after being treated for a concussion and a sprained shoulder and arm. To make the Paul campaign look even more out of touch with reality than it already is, the campaign issued a statement expressing relief that she wasn't injured.

Wasn't injured? What the fuck do you call a concussion, and a sprained shoulder and arm?

This is very reminiscent of the 2006 attack at the Omni Hotel on left wing blogger Mike Stark at the hands of two middle aged staffers who nearly put Stark's head through a plate glass window. Stark offered no resistance but he's a former Marine who can take care of himself. Valle isn't.

So what was Profitt's excuse for curb-stomping the diminutive Valle? "I'm sorry that it came to that, and I apologize if it appeared overly forceful, but I was concerned about Rand's safety." (Note: the video plainly shows that Paul had already long since passed her.)

Uh huh. I guess Paul didn't have a paramilitary, wouldbe Blackwater doing his private security like Joe Miller.

I suppose we shouldn't be shocked to hear of Republican thuggery even when we learn that the curb-stomper in question is an official campaign coordinator for Rand Paul out of Bourbon County. Rather than being a random supporter, this ties Profitt, his thug life tactics and brutal misogyny directly to the Paul Camp, a campaign that is so unbelievably out of touch that either they believe or pretend to believe that the girl didn't sustain any injuries.

When the hell are we going to man up and start fighting back? Now they're assaulting our women and what else are we gonna do besides blog about it?
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Anonymous gil mann said...
When the hell are we going to man up and start fighting back?

Oh, I love guys like you, always hoping for the shit to go down, man, so you can live out your your juvenile self-aggrandizing fantasies. You're like the asshole who stands on the perimeter of a moshpit, hoping to get bumped into so he can kick somebody's ass "in self-defense."

Now they're assaulting our women and what else are we gonna do besides blog about it?

"Our women?" Christ. Well, I know what I'm gonna do about it--keep an eye out for violence-fetishizing punks like you, and thwart your sick desire to exacerbate the situation.

Blogger Bartender Cabbie said...
Interesting post. It is pretty obvious that one person went above just handling the situation and got a kick in. He should have been kicked in the cajones for that cheap shot. He does not appear to be part of the security detail and possibly should be arrested for assault. Now any candidate for office needs to have professional security in this day and age that is capable of "kicking ass" if it comes down to it. Now this woman could have been a threat to Paul although thankfully is just a harmless nut. Any person who approaches a candidate for office in an "out of the ordinary" manner can expect to be handled as a threat. Just the way it is. Other than the guy who took a cheap shot, I see no problem here.

Blogger jurassicpork said...
Hey, Gil, I'll be in DC this weekend for the rallies. I'll be the one wearing the Jason Vorhees mask. Look me up and I'll show you what a punk I am, pal.