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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Why am I not surprised?
Posted by Jill | 9:17 PM
It has always seemed odd to me that so many so-called conservatives who hate government, hate civil service workers, and hate anything government does to help people, are so eager to get in there and get a government paycheck themselves.

In the case of Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle (Hypocritical Wingnut Party), the hypocrisy and the double standard are elevated to an art form, because her household is ALREADY supported by a federal pension:
Sharron Angle, the queen of Tea Party extremism, may be the worst hypocrite in a political party that never fails to take hypocrisy to new levels. Angle’s political positions are well documented: she wants to dismantle Social Security, Medicare, unemployment insurance, and practically the entire social safety net, except when it applies to her. Angle has no job of her own at the moment and is living off her husband Ted Angle’s federal pension. Ted Angle worked for the Bureau of Land Management for 25 years and I’m sure his pension is well deserved, just like the 400,000 people in Nevada who deserve the Social Security benefits that they receive after paying into the program all their lives.

The idea that people are too dependent on the federal government to provide for them is the keystone of Sharron Angle’s campaign, yet apparently she cannot support herself without the federal government. Of course like many other detestable Republicans, her hypocrisy does not end there. Prior to the Reid campaign illuminating Angle’s own reliance on the federal government, Angle tried to attack Reid for the benefits he will collect through his retirement account that he enjoys as a Member of Congress.

Nevadans deserve this lunatic nimrod if they vote for her. The problem is that she's going to have influence that far outstrips her junior Senator status. And this is the price we pay for Harry Reid being so utterly useless.

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