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Saturday, September 04, 2010

"Don't Throttle Me. I'm Only the Bartender!"

This is Kevin Morris' mugshot. Who is Kevin Morris and why am I posting this? Because this is righteous justice served when a drunken right wing cum stain goes on an anti Muslim tirade. Morris walked into the Fire and Ice Hookah Lounge in West Haven, CT and began spewing racist and anti Islamic invective at the patrons. For the most part, they ignored him. Then Morris made the mistake of trying to throttle the bartender. That's the point when the mostly Muslim and African American patrons got emotionally involved.

Anyone who's ever worked in a restaurant with a liquor license for a day learns one rule: You never fuck with the bartender, even if for no other reason than because s/he's the one making the drinks.

So let's all raise our glasses and index fingers and give Mr. Morris a good ole fashioned "Ha ha!" from Left Blogtopia.
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