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Thursday, June 03, 2010

And this guy is supposed to be a potential presidential candidate?
Posted by Jill | 9:37 PM
I'd be tempted to say that the people of Mississippi deserve Haley Barbour, because enough of them voted for him to elect him. But I'm not sure ANYONE, even the most willfully ignorant Fox News dittohead deserves THIS much of a nitwit scumbag corporatist oil-engorged whore:

"This is the first significant amount of oil residue to hit Mississippi since the Deepwater Horizon explosion six weeks ago," Gov. Haley Barbour said. "While it's the first, it won't be the last."

During a news conference in Jackson on Tuesday, Barbour said this is no reason for "anybody to panic." The state's beaches and ports remain open, and Barbour said, "We're told that it's not toxic."

"But it is a reason for everybody to remember that there is a likelihood that there is going to be more intrusion of some form of depleted oil, tar balls, tar mats, emulsified oil, that's going to reach the barrier islands," Barbour said.

Barbour said it appears the strand broke off Sunday from a patch of emulsified sheen situated some 11 miles off Mississippi's Horn Island.

The strand that came ashore Petit Bois had sunk slightly below sea level, and it went undetected in flyovers on Monday, he said.

Barbour said state officials have asked the Coast Guard to increase the number of vessels testing for oil sheens below the surface.

"I'm not blaming anybody or criticizing anybody," Barbour said of the fact it was not detected before washing onto Petit Bois, the easternmost of Mississippi's barrier islands, located near the Alabama border.

"We all understand that we should have found that this oil had broken off from the rest before this (Tuesday) morning," the governor said.

Yeah, Haley. Just keep adding more cowbell to drown out reality. That'll do it.


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Blogger SeDress said...
I'm thinking there must be something I'm missing in this post; because what's here doesn't sound especially horrible or nit-witty.
Nitwit scumbag is the person who came in to buy a watercraft registration from me last weekend: he'd torn apart his state issued 4 part renewal form and gave me only the top copy because he thought the rest were just extras (first person in 20 years of my doing registrations who'd ever made that mistake)(that's the nitwit part); and as he was waiting for his registration, he was joking with this buddies,telling them he was going to send a watermelon to Obama to show him how much he liked him (that's the scumbag part).

Blogger Distributorcap said...
and jindal wants obama to lift the moratorium on drilling

Anonymous tata said...
Why oh why do we not know that Greek tragedy is on the way when an authority figure tells us the beaches are open and the water's fine?