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Friday, April 23, 2010

So what'd I miss?
Posted by Jill | 5:11 AM
I've been away for three days at a meeting for work -- three 10+ hour days of meetings and workshops, followed by social events -- in a hotel with no internet access in my room (You'd think a Westin would be better than that) and still on a killer deadline. So that kind of put American Idiot week on the shelf, as well as leaving this little bloggeroo in the lurch. So thanks to JP, Tata, and Bob for filling in on absolutely no notice.

So while I was away filling my head with new procedures that I will probably not be able to remember in detail because my brain is always full of information about who was in what movie in 1975, the outrages continued:

Like how in our breast-obsessed culture, Wellpoint seems to routinely target women with breast cancer for denial of claims and dropping of policies. I guess once you don't have your boobs anymore, you might as well die.

Like the continued madness of Dick Cheney. Because justice is all about telling a sitting Senator to go fuck himself. Of course if you're a DEMOCRATIC vice president, calling health care reform a Big fucking deal gets you pearl-clutching from the Village.

Like how we now know that the financial crisis was just one big con job.

Like this site, which we found out about via Bustednuckles, and which posts all kinds of details about you (most of them wrong, but since people tend to believe what they see on the Intartoobz, they'll believe it). If you have an online presence, you've got to get your profile removed from this place, or else any nutjob is going to find you. And yes, clicking "Privacy" at the bottom of the site's page and giving them your e-mail address (which they have anyway) WILL delete you.

Like the near-failed state operating just south of our border.

Like faux-badass convicted Utah murderers who don't seem aware that Norman Mailer isn't around anymore to write books about how badass they are.

Like Texas.

And Arizona.

And Oklahoma.

And of course, these guys.


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Blogger skywind said...
You were missed! Glad to see you back posting.

Blogger SeDress said...
the first page link is broken: goes to a 'page not found'.