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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Republican Douchebags on Parade

Ordinarily, I'd ask for a show of hands and take a count of how many of you out there feel as I do that the health care bill signed into law by the president a couple of days ago is a giant, steaming bag of dog shit set fire and abandoned on the doorsteps of Main Street but I won't do that. I was so sick and tired of writing about the obvious evil of an individual mandate without a viable public option that I couldn't even rouse myself to say "blah" about it. In my mind, about the only good thing that can be said about the bill as it stands now is that its evils won't be visited on us until 2014.

But the thrust of my post, instead, is one that just writes itself, namely the various and sundry douchbaggery of the Republican party and its mouthpieces since the HCR was made legal by President Obama.

This is just a tame example of Republican douchebaggery: Glenn Beck, who's a black hole of ignorance that's so dense that nothing, not even the light of truth, can escape his well-fed pie hole. Beck seemed to have a problem with recently slandered Congressman John Lewis. It seems Congressman Lewis fancies himself a major civil rights leader from the 60's. Problem is, he was a major civil rights leader from the 60's. Wait, the douchebaggery gets worse. Much worse. Yes, for once, Glenn Beck is only the warm up act.

For instance, it was bad enough when some glandular-challenged Alabama redneck heading up a blog called the Dipsey Irregulars called for people to throw bricks through Democratic lawmakers' office windows, something that happened in at least five different states.

Then they had to raise the ante by threatening to assassinate the children of pro-health reform lawmakers, according to the aptly-named Rep. Louise Slaughter.

One of the funniest love affairs of the century began when 12 Republican Attorneys General joined forces with birther queen Orly Taitz in filing a lawsuit against the health care reform bill.

Louie Gomer, a Texas congressman, wants to take away your right to elect senators. That's right. He actually wants to go all Terminator and go back to 1913 and do away with the 17th amendment that allows us to elect Senators. Of course, that would also mean no Scott Brown. I have it on pretty good faith that Gohmert's hair didn't fall out- it fell in and clogged his brain.

There's this well-traveled poll result that states 24% of Republicans actually think President Barack Obama is the antichrist. What the Harris poll didn't say was that an additional 7% of Republicans polled think that the President of the United States is a pod person from the Planet Lenin.

Why is Mitt Romney so up in arms about Congress passing a macro-sized version of the piece of shit health care reform bill that he himself signed into law three years ago?

Finally, here's what Prescott Bush's hero has to say about the health care bill and on the bone-dry Republican think tanks.
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