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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Posted by Jill | 7:31 PM
God, will this overcompensating limpdick NEVER go away:

MCLEAN, Va. — On the eve of the unveiling of the nation’s new Afghanistan policy, former Vice President Dick Cheney slammed President Barack Obama for projecting “weakness” to adversaries and warned that more workaday Afghans will side with the Taliban if they think the United States is heading for the exits.

In a 90-minute interview at his suburban Washington house, Cheney said the president’s “agonizing” about Afghanistan strategy “has consequences for your forces in the field.”

“I begin to get nervous when I see the commander in chief making decisions apparently for what I would describe as small ‘p’ political reasons, where he’s trying to balance off different competing groups in society,” Cheney said.

“Every time he delays, defers, debates, changes his position, it begins to raise questions: Is the commander in chief really behind what they’ve been asked to do?”

After reading that I have to either perform a self-lobotomy with a chef's knife just to make it stop, or look at some major league cuteness.

I choose Teh Cute:

OK. I feel better now.

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Anonymous mandt said...
Cheney's qualifications include five military service deferments, including the statement that "He had better things to do." The fact that he hunts cage-raised quail by blasting them away on the ground with a shotgun says just about all of this little, cowardly blowhard chickenhawk. Why has no one researched the fact that he took a deferred retirement from Haliburton, then started a war that gave his old company a blank check for billions? He must have made a fortune. He is a blood soaked war profiteer and a pathetic excuse for a human being.

Blogger Distributorcap said...
there is no more reprehensible piece of shit on the planet than cheney and his spawn.

five deferment dick sends thousands to die and then has the nerve to constantly criticize those left to clean up his mess

worse the media still finds a reason to treat him with some sort of legitamacy and deference

that makes them worse then cheney

i dont wish evil on anyone, except......

Blogger Porlock Junior said...
Well, I for one must speak up for the cute kittens. Pure enjoyment, without all these political ramifications.

Except, not. Do listen to this analysis; it's not coincidence that the medium made for cute kittens (and, of course, pr0n) has such political impact.

Fantastic kitteh, btw.