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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fox News at its Finest, Part VII

"This is Baghdad Bob for Fox News..."

Fox News Gives 110% and, in some cases, 193% (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Bluegal at Crooks and Liars).

Talk about a bounce. Just last July, only 6% of Fox viewers saw Palin as being the next president.

Pay no attention to the fact that Bush won by a handy margin. Fox still named Britney Spears the winner with Paris Hilton placing.

Fox got busted trying to pass off this GOP press release thinly veiled as "journalism", even including the time-warping typo of "12/19/09."

Then of course, there's this classic from last September, in which Fox not only used the wrong screengrabs and videos, they even claimed to be the only network to cover the 9/12 teabaggery and even publicized this pseudo-fact with full-page ads in the Washington Post,the Murdoch-owned WSJ and the New York Post.

How did ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and CNN miss the the story of Egypt packing up and relocating from northern Africa to the Middle East?

There's an ironic twist that somehow concerns Mark Foley (D-FL) but I'll be damned if I know what it is...

Some people are iron-deficient. Others are irony-deficient.

Wow! Great news! Except that the GOP's "plan" ignores the premium caps included in the Democratic plan, but, hey, details, details... And while we're on the subject...

Since seriously considering what an old right wing actor thinks worked out so well for us between 1981-1989.

However, let it not be said that the sons and daughters of Rupert Murdoch aren't honest about themselves from time to time...
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Anonymous mandt said...
"There's an ironic twist that somehow concerns Mark Foley (D-FL" Did you mean 'twisted'?)

Blogger The Sailor said...
Gosh, I wish I had time to comment on every one of your posts, but, it would be the same one:


Corollaries: It's always good news for republicans.

Obama is a christian/muslim/socialist/fascist/heretic/the devil and hates white people.

President John McCain/Dick Cheney/Liz Cheney/Karl Rove et al, know what's best for the country.

If you question the president, you side with the terrorists. Unless the president a Dem then you are a terrorist.

It's Calvin Ball, and the MSM sets the rules.
Sorry, I'm just more bitter tonight than usual. Seriously, you do a great job.

p.s. The motto of our blog is "because we're pissed off and our friends are tired of listening to us."