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Monday, November 09, 2009

Alan Grayson Tells it Like it Is! Pap on the Healthcare Debate
Posted by Melina | 12:22 PM
Ring of Fire's Mike Papantonio may be one of the only couple of good things left on Air America these days, and here Pap Attacks the health insurance corporations with the help of Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla,) who is so refreshingly logical that he makes me want to cry.

Why is it so hard for Americans to get their minds around the concept of shaking up a corrupt industry in order to help our neighbors stay healthy and alive? How could we have gotten to a point where we are more interested in protecting huge corporations and when did we decide that we would prefer these same corporations to be in our lives and running our health care into the ground while stealing us blind?

It must be that people are bamboozled by the lobby's doublespeak...it has to be that people think they are saving on taxes or something, and cant see that in the big picture there will be savings all around. But, honestly, if that is really what its about, then there is something wrong with America. All of the religious folks out there who feel like they do their duty by going to church on Sunday or Temple on Saturday or Mosque whenever, have to reassess what is important in their lives. We cant just let people be sick and die, some 44,000 per year, so that we can have a tax break. No one is more deserving than anyone else; we all rely on luck in this country, and every one of us stands, in some way, on the shoulders of the person who went before us and who stands beside us.

To learn more about Grayson's background listen to part 2. This is a guy with the kind of prior experience to be a profound force in the progressive movement, and hopefully an important player in higher office. What has he done to block fraudulent contractors from receiving funds via contracts from our government?
What do we need to do to effect real change? Grayson explains it all here:

h/t to Go Left TV for bringing us video coverage of many of the high points of the debate out there. Go there and subscribe to their feed!

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