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Monday, October 05, 2009

Rachel Maddow keeps 'em honest
Posted by Jill | 6:13 AM
When Rachel Maddow is on the Press the Meat panel, it becomes something other than a cocktail-weenie circle jerk:

It's interesting to note the conservatives on this panel and elsewhere insisting that the extreme right is not driving the party, as if wishing would make it so.

My one beef with Maddow is that she seems to go along with the idea that Alan Grayson in five minutes on the House floor, while he was recognized according to House rules to speak, is somehow equal to a relentless drumbeat of "Democrats want to kill grandma." But kudos to her for noting that Sarah Palin's book is associated with white supremacists and that it says something very telling about Sarah Palin that this is who she chose.


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Blogger SeDress said...
Is this the right clip? It runs for only 7 seconds...

Anonymous Eric Pearson said...
Many Democrats already know their elected representatives within the Democratic Party have clearly set their own agendas over the members of the Democratic Party, our Nation, and the American people. Overall, many of them no longer think of themselves as being our elected representatives, and now refer to themselves as leaders in the true form of tyrants.

Most Democrats already know their pleas to their elected representatives within the Democratic Party are only being answered by repeated insult and injury. Despite this, we as Democrats can restore control of the Democratic Party back to the party members. All we need to do is cut off donations to the local, state, and national headquarters of the Democratic Party, and to make sure the donations are made directly to worthy and honorable Democratic Party candidates.

Web site: http://www.democraticreformparty.com