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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

And this fuckwad is likely to be the next Governor of New Jersey
Posted by Jill | 7:08 AM
Yes, let's not cover mammograms for young women with a family history of early-onset breast cancer, because it's "an exception":

And let's not cover testicular cancer either, because it's "an exception."

Look, I know that Jon Corzine has been ineffectual and unable or unwilling or not interested in reining in the rampant corruption that is endemic to the state Democratic Party. But I don't see how nominating a heartless ghoul like the pantload that is Chris Christie is going to solve anything.

(UPDATE: Marcy Wheeler talks about her own experience as "an exception" in the current health care system.)

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Anonymous OM said...
Did you hear him on This American Life? His rise to fame was on the back of some wannabe arms trader Christie labeled A Terrorist.

(Daily Kos has a short recap.)

Anonymous mandt said...
"I don't see how nominating a heartless ghoul like the pantload that is Chris Christie is going to solve anything" ...Will be a great boost to the diaper industry.

Blogger Mauigirl said...
Christie is horrible and I'm really afraid he's going to win. I live in NJ and no one, not even my fellow Democrats, like Corzine. The only positive is Corzine has enough money to possibly outspend Christie, and if that's what it takes to win, it may work. But then we're stuck with Corzine again. It surely is a double-edged sword. If Corzine really cared about the Democratic Party he would step down and let Dick Codey run - who would win with no problem at all.

Blogger Bob said...
Many Democrats sensed the same thing about Codey that I did: He really wanted to get his hands on the levers & do some good. The way guvmint works here, the party people gonna get their share. Christie wins, he hands over jobs & contracts to the Repugs, that part is fixed.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
What's next?---Breasts will be a pre-existing condition?

Blogger Rhode Island Rules said...
Female is a pre-existing condition. You can be damn sure the boys are going to get their Viagra covered and yell the loudest if testicular cancer or - eewww, shudder - breast cancer is diagnosed in them. Maternity care, nah, not so much. As Senator Kyl says he don't need it and it just makes everything more expensive.

Blogger Melina said...
you know there is something wrong with NJ when you look at the extensive blue laws in some counties...in a recession I cant imagine how anyone could justify not opening the entire freakin' mall...
I cant figure why they would want people to go to NY to shop...people are not getting paid and people are not spending money. whats that about?

that said, Im starting to feel like the fringe people who scream about voting meaning little and all politicians being bad may be right.
If we send these idiots to represent us and they basically dont do what the majority of us demands, in order to protect an ideal that is pretty damned close to failed. Does the ideal of capitalism deserve more protection than actual people? and if the corporations are so weak that having a public option will destroy them, maybe they have to get back to the drawing board anyway.
Im just disgusted!!

Anonymous radio said...
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Blogger Jill said...
Well, I live in one of those blue law counties, and here in Bergen we like them just fine. There are times in the year when you simply cannot get around on the roads here for the traffic. On Sunday we at least have a day to breathe. It used to be that Bergenites would go to Willowbrook Mall on Sundays but these days Willowbrook is all but dead.

All of Bergen has blue laws, but Paramus has the strictest retail laws. There are towns that still have blue laws that affect what you can do on your own property, but in Paramus it's all about the traffic.

Blogger Bob said...
Re: Blue Laws. I don't recall there ever being broad public opposition to blue laws. The laws were written strangely. In Union County you could buy records,furniture, lumber, & power tools, but not clothes. It was the inconsistancies that undermined them, along with lobbying by the retail associations. The Bergen laws have withstood court challenges.