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Monday, July 13, 2009

Leave Sarah Palin Alone!!!

She's a human being!!!!

OK, while I'm not ready to go drag, hang ugly sheets behind me and wail on Youtube about how we've all ganged up on another over-the-hill cheerleader, I do have a point to make and it ought to be driven home by the glitzmeisters over at MSNBC when they're not too busy covering the decomposition of Michael Jackson's corpse.

First of all, let me begin by stating that, like Mitt Romney, Levi Johnston's head is good for nothing but as a storage facility for hair product. There is something fundamentally wrong with a country that thrusts an organ donor like Levi Johnston on national television as much if not more often than Barack Obama. The frenzy surrounding anything that smells remotely like a moose or a hockey puck is such that Johnston, at best an uncredited extra in the pathetic dumbshow that was the presidential race, is still allowed to call his own press conferences over eight months after the fucking election.

That said, what is the earthshaking revelation from this unbiased, jilted ex-boyfriend and former son in law? That he wouldn't vote for Palin in 2012 and that Sarah Palin was setting her eyes on greener pastures?

Oh horrors! A Republican dreaming of leaving public office and making a killing in the private sector? Just when you think you've heard it all. As if Sarah Palin was the first Republican in the history of politics to quit an elected office so she can cash in on her celebrity or knowhow, a phenomenon that is so wearisomely common that it's not even worth linking to countless examples of Republicans who quit in order to become lobbyists or corporate executives... none of which Palin has even done.

So she was dreaming of a book deal worth in excess of seven to nine million dollars. The only reason that gets me pissed is because I have a great novel in the can already that is getting strenuously ignored by every literary agency in the land while they trip over themselves running after Sarah Palin, Levi Johnston, Joe the Plumber and Dick Cheney.

But is it a crime for Sarah Palin to sell out and cash in considering America's sick fascination with her and her inbred brood? No, that's capitalism and it's Sarah Palin's right to clean up if the demand for glitzy trash is out there.

So if the "liberal media" is looking for a real albatross to hang around Palin's neck, all they have to do is tell Levi Johnston to shut the fuck up and dust off those old stories about the Wasilla Sports complex and how the building materials wound up in the renovation of her home. Or how she abused her public office by persecuting a state police official in the wake of a divorce from a family member.

But Sarah Palin leaving office a year and a half early so she can rake in the moolah from a once-in-a-lifetime book deal that she'll never get again? That's not criminal, it's smart. It's what she did as mayor of Wasilla and as Governor of Alaska that was criminal and if the "liberal media" is going to earn its reputation as the Spanish Inquisition of the Republican Party, then they'd better remember that if they want to continue making hay out of Sarah Palin.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
huge strawman/red herring argument. nobody cares what levi thinks, so dont bring it up. and nobody thinks her leaving office is criminal. it's an issue because it's an obvious sign of a weak, selfish, narcisstic character. no, sorry, it's not commendable, smart, or interesting. this post reads like you're completely tangled up in so many layers of irony that you've lost connection with common sense.

Blogger Altaglow said...
Ditto on the above. What's this all about?

Blogger Dave said...
Remember this is MSNBC we're talking about.

The same cable news channel that gave Gennifer Flowers repeated guest spots in the 1990's to peddle crazy Clinton conspiracy theories.

The same cable news channel that fired Phil Donahue at the start of the Iraq invasion out of fear that a show with a moderately liberal host would make the channel look "unpatriotic". It wasn't until the Iraq incursion turned into the giant steaming pile of fail and Dubya's poll numbers started to tank that MSNBC started giving air time to Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow.

Blogger Jayhawk said...
Leaving office without completing your elected term to make a bunch of money is "smart." You made a contract with the people who elected you to serve that term. It wasn't in writing and it wasn't legally binding. It was something called "good faith." We trust and expect that our elected leaders will serve the term for which they are elected. If they are free to bail out in pursuit of the almighty dollar at will, then our whole system of government breaks down in a shambles.

The media is a joke, admittedly, but Palin leaving office without completing her term to make a bunch of money is "smart?" Give me a break.

Blogger Ryan said...
"nobody cares what levi thinks, so dont bring it up."

Then why is it, when I turn on my TV, I'm still seeing pictures or video of this guy?

Getting back to Palin, who am I to judge a person for trying to make a quick buck off of her "Celebrity"? Hey man... a pimp has got to pimp, gno' what I mean?

That being said... she was entrusted with running the state of Alaska for no less than 4 years. She left early.. not due to medical problems... not due to family problems... due to the fact that she wanted to hock some books or sell her face.

And that my friends is a true scumbag there.