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Sunday, August 03, 2008

So why on earth is John McCain polling at 40-45%?
Posted by Jill | 8:46 AM
Over three quarters of Americans think this country is on the wrong track:

The CNN/Opinion Research Corp. Poll showed that 24 percent have a positive outlook for the country, while 76 percent say things are on the wrong track.

It is the lowest number on record since 1980 and the third time in four decades that the number has dropped so low.

Recent CNN/Opinion Research Corp. polling has shown a steady drop in the country's mood. In April 2007, 51 percent said things in the country were going badly. A year later, 70 percent reiterated that position.

The poll questioned 1,041 adult Americans by telephone July 27-29, 2008. The margin of error was plus or minus 3 percentage points.

George W. Bush's approval ratings are only slightly better than the number of Americans who think we're headed in the right direction, at 30%. But with John McCain making very clear that he represents more Bush war policy, more Bushonomics, and more of the same, what are the 10% who think we're on the wrong track but are planning to vote for John McCain anyway thinking?

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Blogger Charles D said...
Well, some of them are thinking "I could never vote for a black man" or "I can't trust him because he's been associated with all those angry black people" or variations on that theme. (say 5%)

Others get their news and opinions from the mainstream media and think McCain is a moderate maverick straight-talker who is a war hero and loves America. [say 10-15%] (The fact that any self-respecting news outlet would consider McCain a rational choice for President is amazing in itself.)

Then there are the 25% of Americans who are so dumb they still like Bush.

As Mark Crispin Miller points out, all the Republicans have to do is create the illusion that it is a close race, get within 6-8% spread and they can steal it again.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Maybe it's because the media keeps reminding everyone of how badly McCain was treated in the 2000 election, while failing to point out that Rove's people are now working for him.

Blogger Robert Simms said...
Or maybe, it's because Obama really isn't all you believe him to be.

Blogger Unknown said...
It has nothing to do with John McCain. He could be anybody. This election, at least in its current form, is an up-or-down referendum on Barack Obama.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
As much as I hate to say this, but I have to agree with barry.
If the Dems had nominated competence instead of trying to make a statement, the polls would be 97-2.

As it is, I suspect the Repubs could have nominated the elephant and would still have the 45+-%.

And to dl, the media ceased being "self-respecting" long ago!!!