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Monday, November 27, 2006

The offspring of two political families
Posted by Jill | 9:46 PM
This is Chelsea Clinton:

Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton has joined Avenue Capital Group, a hedge fund manager whose founder has contributed to many Democratic Party campaigns, a person familiar with the matter said on Friday.

People familiar with the matter reported that Clinton, 26, is quitting her job at the consulting firm McKinsey & Co. and will take a position at the New York-based hedge fund Avenue Capital Group.

This is the Bush Twins:

Amid a growing barrage of front-page headlines, U.S. embassy officials "strongly suggested" President Bush's twin daughters, Jenna and Barbara Bush, cut short their trip to Buenos Aires because of security issues, U.S. diplomatic and security sources tell ABC News.

But the girls have stayed on, celebrating their 25th birthday over the weekend and producing even more headlines about their activities.


Stories of the twins' visit took on wild proportions in the Argentinean press. One tabloid headline had the young women running nude in the hallway of their hotel, a report the hotel staff denied to ABC News.

According to sources, the U.S. embassy encouraged the two girls to cut their stay short because the added attention was making their security very difficult.

But to the dismay and anger of some U.S. embassy and security staff, the girls stayed on.

Thursday night, an ABC News producer was able to walk into their hotel unchecked and engage Barbara Bush in conversation while she checked her e-mail on a computer in the lobby. Jenna sat talking with friends on a sofa nearby. No Secret Service agents were anywhere to be seen in the lobby, according to ABC News' Joe Goldman.

And yesterday the Bush twins were spotted at the Sunday soccer matches, wearing team jerseys and sitting in the owner's box, watching Argentina's top team Boca Juniors compete. Several games have been canceled due to violence in the crowds this year. In fact, last weekend no spectators were allowed to attend the match other than season ticket holders.

Sources tell ABC News the twins plan to stick to their original itinerary and stay in Buenos Aires until Thursday.

These girls are twenty-five years old. Shouldn't they be holding down a job by now? Yes, Chelsea Clinton's new employers are Democratic donors -- but at least she's working, not gallivanting around the world on taxpayer money like Paris Hilton creating disruption everywhere they go.

John Aravosis:

...at some point, you put aside your tiara as most powerful brat in the world and start acting like an adult. But not in the Bush family. Oh no. The US embassy warned that they could not provide adequate security for the Bush twins during their current visit, and the Bush twins basically told the embassy to go to hell. They're staying anyway.

Let me repeat that. George Bush's daughters are in a developing country where American officials cannot guarantee their safety. What does George Bush do? Absolutely nothing And before anyone says this is his daughters and not Bush, bull. He is the president of the United States. These are his children. They are traveling as representatives of the US whether they like it or not. They are traveling with American Secret Service protection, whether they like it or not. They are tying up the resources of the US Embassy whether they like it or not. And if they get shot and killed, or kidnapped, or drugged while they are in Argentina, that will directly affect the national security of the United States because our president will be subject to blackmail or worse.
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