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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Some Tsunami Survivors Who Are Not Swimsuit Models
Posted by Jill | 9:52 PM

I know that images of a swimsuit model with big tits generate eyeballs for the print and broadcast media, and therefore the ordeal of such a person outweighs all other considerations, but since the media seems to be focusing on the ordeal suffered by Czech supermodel Petra Nemcova while on a vacation most Americans only dream of, I thought some photos of what some people are enduring who may not have perfect bodies, perfect Caucasian skin and huge pneumatic hooters might be in order. Yes, Nemcova's experience was horrific, and her survival may be miraculous. I certainly wouldn't want to go through it. But she has a nice home and the best possible medical care and a glamorous career back home to return to, whereas these people have nothing to look forward to but pain and suffering and the short memories of Americans who will in all likelihood tune out the minute another guy murders his pregnant wife.

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