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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Déjà vu all over again
Posted by Jill | 7:47 PM
It began to dawn on me the other day that in Willard Rmoney and Paul Ryan, we have the makings of Bush Redux. There's just something chillingly familiar about the GOP ticket.

Willard and George W. Bush are both scions of prominent political families. Both have inherited money. Both have business and political connections made as a result of their fathers' prominence. Both appear to have daddy issues in which they want to accomplish what their fathers couldn't. Willard's father George ran for the Republican nomination in 1968 and didn't get it, so Willard is already ahead. But this lust for the presidency, this need to have it whatever the cost, is something else the two men have in common. Another commonality appears to be having absolutely idea of what they want to accomplish in the office. It's sort of like being a girl who pores over bride magazines, dreaming of her own wedding day but she can't see anything past the big dress and the party. I suspect that if Willard should obtain the office, he'll enjoy all the "Hail to the Chief"-ing, but he won't much care for the actual "preznitin'."

And that's where Paul Ryan comes in, because Ryan is Romney's Cheney. Ryan isn't a warmonger who feeds upon dead human souls the way Cheney was, but he's an economic warrior, and his prey is not Saddam Hussein or the oil fields of the Middle East, but Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, subsidized contraception, and public education. Ryan is cold, methodical and ruthless...and in a Rmoney administration, I see Willard making a stab at being a lovable dunce, perhaps using his robotic demeanor for laughs, while Ann plays Laura Bush, looking adoringly and smiling an enigmatic smile.

Rmoney even has the Bush smirk. John Aravosis posted a series of stills taken today from Willard's press conference, and the smirky similarity with George W. Bush on a solemn day is eerie. Jed Lewison has a photo of Willard leaving the press conference, and it made chills go up my spine it was so inappropriate.

If you liked the Bush years, you'll love the Rmoney years.

And like Bush, Rmoney could very well get a whole lot of Americans killed.

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Blogger the salamander said...
the tale is yet to unfold

Leaping fearlessly to the fray, Mitt the Brave
(of double Vietnam draft deferment. Morman Missionary + undergraduate)
brandishes the frumious 3 legged political stool attack overhead ...
shouting his disgust of policy, wording, spin.. and his exemplary brave experience/wisdom regarding Libya.
Obama = weak foreign policy, soft on enemies, hard on America's allies

Oopsy .. Paul Ryan has suddenly fallen silent,
(where is he?) has he stepped back in wonder as does Rush Limplog
a huge WOBBLE ... Mitt is not so smiley, suddenly
Rush's shock troops look on breathless, worried.. stunned

Mighty Mitt has gone sub-orbital.. sensing olympian gold..
the presidential CEO holy Mormon GRAIL ... eeow !!! In his reach !
seizing (OK .. press releasing..) THE DAY !!!!
at precisely and embargoed (out of respect you know) 12:01 AM
after the US Ambassador was attacked, dragged & carried thru the streets
eventually to a hospital.. before passing. Four of his associates as well.

Let's see if Mitt can regain gravitational entry/balance and stick the landing.
Already tho, it does seem the leap is highly over-rotating.. wonky..
No heat shield !! No saving parachute or Daddy ? Wife? Or Koch Brother ?
Uh Oh .. deary, deary me
and the wicked 3 legged stool attack, freed now from his grasping grasp..
has landed.. & inverted, three pointedly ...
at the end of his trajectory.. awaits him

That's not at all... a good way to 'sit' a 3 legged attack stool ....

Obama and the American people have the crisis right now
Romney has an imminent appointment with a proctologist ..
surely covered by ObamaCare .

Blogger Eric said...
"Another commonality appears to be having absolutely idea of what they want to accomplish in the office."

I think what you meant to say was:

"Another commonality appears to be having absolutely no idea of what they want to accomplish in the office."

Actually, it appears that The Shrub had the Iraq invasion in mind while he still occupied the mansion in Austin, and I think you could make a good case for Romney wanting to enrich himself and his fellow .1%-ers, but beyond that...

Anonymous james2021 said...
I fear that you are mistaken, Robme's plan is to protect the US TAX CODE at all costs. No changes to the gravy train for the 1%. Ultimate plan from the COKE brothers is european style VAT to replace all those pesky takes on income. It is increasingly irratating to have to find or create new loopholes to evade taxes. Headed back to the late 1800s or early 1900 before the income tax was added to the constitution. This was done by ammendment because the Supreme Court at that time was hostile to an income tax. So Mitten$ Robme knows exactly where he is going.