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Friday, August 24, 2012

Sir Whitey McWhitington of Maison De Blanc
Posted by Jill | 4:54 PM
Willard goes Full Frontal Birther:

Does anyone believe that this man actually wants to do the job of "Preznitin'", as George W. Bush might say? Actually, the former president looks more like Mother Theresa every day that we watch the Scion of American Motors Company pander ever more to the giant slugs and mutant jellyfish that constitute the brains of the GOP base. Does anyone actually believe that this guy plans to do any actual work that doesn't involve making himself and the Bitch of Lake Winnipesaukee even more ridiculously wealthy?

It's difficult to imagine what else could be motivating a man who we've been told for a long time is at least somewhat intelligent to do this sort of pandering to the worst impulses of his party's voters.

At least we know it's official now, and no amount of hiding it during the Republican Holiday in Hookerville that's coming up this week. The entirety of Republican rhetoric basically boils down to this:

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Blogger Jimbo said...
Not only is Mittens a consummate, self-regarding asshole but he is absolutely the most astoundingly bad campaigner for President in a very long time. Even W had more common sense (not much more but still). Of course, the VSPs will tut-tut and say "Well, he doesn't tell very good jokes but he meant nothing about it." However, this butchered attempt at dog whistling the Orcs will properly set the stage for the gigantic sewer about to open up in Tampa.