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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Around the Blogroll and Elsewhere
Posted by Jill | 5:46 AM
I've been scrambling like mad lately, and even though in theory I have a few days off, I have to get some things done around this house or else we might as well bulldoze the whole place and start from scratch.

So take a tour of those who are far more disciplined than I:

Karen Garcia reads David Brooks and wishes she hadn't.

Jess finds her inner nerd. (I link to this because it reminds me of when Mr. Brilliant introduced me to reggae and afropop music back in 1983...and we're celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary in September. Make whatever connections there that you like.)

Tom Degan on the (unfortunately largely successful, though the Democrats don't seem to realize it yet) efforts by Republicans to make sure anyone who wants to vote them out of office doesn't get to vote.

On the day after yet more conciliatory bullshit from President Kiss Republican Ass, I'm linking to The New York Crank's speech he WISHES Obama would give.

Legal Schnauzer wonders why Karl Rove is going to an event in a backwater town in Alabama.

Kyle Leighton demonstrates that the when Boehner talks about Social Security and Medicare being the biggest contributors to our debt, it's because our biggest debtor isn't China, it's ourselves. Boehner's owners went on a bender using that money and now don't want to have to pay it back to elderly, disabled, and sick people who can either pay the rent this month or eat, but not both.

At Mother Jones, an article about the epidemic of teen suicide in Michele Bachmann's district.

At Balloon Juice, ABL notes that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, having instituted voter ID laws, is now trying to make sure that people in Democratic areas will be unable to obtain the necessary ID.

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