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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A governor's job is not to be "fan-in-chief"
Posted by Jill | 6:02 AM
One would think that now that New York has legalized gay marriage and the world hasn't ended, New Jersey would be the next likely place for equality to take place. Unfortunately, we have a governor who thinks that just because HE is a Roman Catholic (and frankly, a church hierarchy that has harbored and protected child molesters for decades ought to have no moral authority over anything), he, not the voters, gets to decide whether everyone in the state should have this right.

What bothers me most about Chris Christie's stand is the language he used on the David Gregory Fellate the Republicans Hour on Sunday: ā€œIā€™m not a fan of same-sex marriage.ā€

No one is asking Chris Christie to be a "fan" of same-sex marriage. No one is asking him to sit in the stands with a plate of nachos, three hot dogs, and an extra-large beer, and watch gay people get married. I would be hard-pressed to find any gays in New Jersey who would even WANT Chris Christie at their weddings -- or at their Sunday barbecues after the honeymoon, either. Gay marriage is not something you should be a "fan" of -- as if it's some kind of team game. This is about the same fundamental rights the rest of us have. If Chris Christie isn't a "fan" of same-sex marriage, then he should do the same thing as someone who isn't a "fan" of the New York Yankees does -- just ignore it.

After signing legislation codifying equality into law.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Well, Gov. Christie is reveling in his status as a big, fat, loudmouthed lard-ass bully. Somehow that seems to make him a big hit among Repubs, damn their shriveled little souls....

And I guess it says all we need to know about them.