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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Just. Wonderful.
Posted by Jill | 11:30 PM
I blubbered like a baby for two and a half hours. How about you?

Meanwhile, back in the real world (or perhaps the sideways one):

Last February, Continental Flight 3407 crashed outside of Buffalo, N.Y., killing 49 people onboard and one on the ground. Although 3407 was painted in the colors of Continental Connection, it was actually operated by Colgan Air, a regional airline that flies routes under contract for US Airways, United and Continental. The crash and subsequent investigation revealed a little-known trend in the airline industry: Major airlines have outsourced more and more of their flights to obscure regional carriers.

Today, with regional airlines accounting for more than half of all scheduled domestic flights in the United States and responsible for the last six fatal commercial airline accidents, FRONTLINE producer Rick Young and correspondent Miles O'Brien investigate the safety issues associated with outsourcing in Flying Cheap.

"No doubt in our mind that when she's buying this ticket, she's buying a flight on Continental," says Scott Maurer, who lost his daughter, Lorin, on 3407. "She believed she had Continental pilots and Continental safety and Continental service, but, you know, we know different today."

An investigation of the crash by the National Transportation Safety Board was recently completed and identified pilot error as a major factor in the accident. But the investigation has also put the spotlight on operations of regional airlines like Colgan Air, where the first officer on 3407 had made less than $16,000 the previous year and the captain had failed five flight tests and received inadequate training on a critical safety system involved in the crash.



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Blogger casey said...
Hello Jill,

Oh the joys of outsourcing. This will lead to the death of the majority of us in the US just for the greed of the few.

Blogger Unknown said...
I blubbered like a baby for two and a half hours. How about you?

Me too. But then I watched Lost and felt a bit better. I'm still trying to figure it all out, though. Can you put the whole thing into a coherent narrative yet? I'm still working on it.