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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'll have some thoughts about LOST as soon as I can stop blubbering about it
Posted by Jill | 9:59 PM
But in the meantime, here's someone who nailed it. This is a video uploaded 4/23 in which someone speculated how the series would end:

And here's the same video, posted by the same person, with an embedded frame comparing it to the actual ending:

It really did end as it began.

As for the blubbering, I think I would have been fine except for the dog.

What is it about the dog?

(UPDATE: After a couple of viewings, it's clear that the "predicted" ending is the first 108 seconds of the series pilot run backwards. Hardly a stretch of the imagination, but cool nonetheless.)


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Blogger Thursday's Child said...
Having read your comments on jurassicpork's post, it might not surprise you if I say that I'm both in the 'satisfying for emotional reasons' but 'utterly unsatisfying for solving mysteries' camps.

I want both of my cakes! And I want to eat them too.